An island, a country and a continent, Australia has its edges embellished with two of the major oceans of the world.  Thus graced with breath-taking beach beauty the place has presented a stark contradiction to its earlier image that of a place cobbled with snakes, sharks and spiders.  In the current times Australia tour packages are a favorite of every culture, wildlife and beach lover.  The vivacity of amazing colors and cultures of the country, eating & drinking style and incredible natural beauty of the setting sun all makes Australia holidays worth repeating year after year.
Amazing Australia 9 Nights / 10 Days Package
(9 Nights / 10 Days)
Gold Coast | Melbourne | Sydney
breakfast     assistance     cab     hotel    

This full 10 days tour to Australia, takes you to the enchanting places of Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast etc., and each destination offers a gamut of exciting activities.
Australian Delight (15 Days /14 Nights visiting)
(14 Nights / 15 Days)
Cairns | Gold Coast | Tangalooma | Melbourne | Sydney
breakfast     assistance     cab     hotel    

On this fortnight tour of Australia, explore the exotic destinations of Cairns, Gold coast, Melbourne and Tangalooma. Soak in the sun and enjoy some thrilling water sports on the crystal clear beaches.

Australian Effervescence
(9 Nights / 10 Days)
Gold Coast | Melbourne | Sydney
flight     breakfast     drink     hotel    

Capture Australian effervescence on this ten day long sojourn to nationís finest tourist attractions. Well known for its colorful cultures, fascinating sights and historic splendor Australia charms you for more than one reasons.
Australian Wonder (11 Days /10 Nights visiting)
(10 Nights / 11 Days)
Cairns | Gold Coast | Melbourne | Sydney
assistance     cab     hotel     breakfast    

Travelmasti takes you to Australia- the most amazing and beautiful island, which is the perfect venue for your next holiday.

Beautiful Australia (11 Days/10 Nights visiting )
(10 Nights / 11 Days)
Sydney | Gold Coast | Cairns
hotel     breakfast     drink     cab    

An 11 days tour that takes you to the beautiful land of Australia. Get rejuvenated on this sun, sand and sea tour.

CAIRNS (4 Days/3 Nights Package Tour)
(3 Nights / 4 Days)
hotel     assistance     breakfast     cab    

Enjoy a short trip to Cairns, that shines with the carnival atmosphere of travelers all year round and the city is positively booming. In 2003 the foreshore was given a Hollywood makeover, with lagoons and the spanking Pier Marketplace, equipping...
Discover Australia
(12 Nights / 13 Days)
Cairns | Gold Coast | Sydney | Melbourne
breakfast     assistance     cab     hotel    

Get ready to discover Australia on this 13 days tour, that offers visit to the most spectacular regions of the wonder land of Australia.
Euphoric Australian Escape
(9 Nights / 10 Days)
Gold Coast | Cairns | Sydney
flight     breakfast     drink     hotel    

Edged with azure waters, Australia the only country spread over an entire continent is blessed with beach beauty, cultural capitals and wild wilderness.  On this tour of Australia you will be encompassing some of the most popular tourist...
Gold Coast
(3 Nights / 4 Days)
Gold Coast
hotel     assistance     breakfast     cab    

Enjoy a 4 days tour to the most aggressively developed stretch of land in Australia- The Gold Coast. High-rise condominiums, restaurants, theme parks and airport-sized shopping malls line the shore, enticing fun-seekers to consume and party.
(2 Nights / 3 Days)
Gold Coast
hotel     assistance     breakfast     cab    

Explore Gold Coast for 3 days that covers destinations of Dreamland, Movie world, Sea world, Currumbin Sanctuary or Wet n Wild water park.
Once lost in darkness as a forbidden land, Australia today is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and flaunts its opulent lifestyle and buzzing commercial and cultural centers.  From stunning Sydney Opera House to the beach parties day in and day out, Jenolan Caves mystique to beauty of Blue Mountains Australia tour packages are full of incredible attractions tempting every globetrotter in the world.  For those who wish to spend entire holiday on the beach Australia holidays can be a savoir for here, you can just glue yourself to the sandy beaches and try hands at water-sports, underwater fun activities or unwind with leisurely walks.

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