Welcome to Banasura Island Retreat, a breathtaking experience. Spread over 15 acres in lush greenery in an Island in Banasurasagar reservoir of Wayanad, this riparian zone is blessed with natural stream flowing across the boundary. Located in a virgin and immaculate landscape, Banasura Island Retreat is sure to be one of those places you experienced in a Dj vu.

Spending time in a Nalukettu is simply overwhelming. Being the traditional architectural form of Kerala, Nalukettu meets not only the scientific but also the Metaphysical requirements essential for a peaceful stay. A home of Nalukettu celebrates air, nature and freedom inside.

Nalukettu at Banasura Island Retreat is built according to Vastu and has a wooden roof with clay tiles. The house has a Nadumuttam (Central courtyard), Kolai (Verandah) and has Chathurmugham (4 faces). The Nalukettu has been built with architectural precisions and has Sopaanam, Monthaayam,

Double Cottage
The Wooden Cottage with two bedrooms is designed for your family or for your small want-to-be-together group. The cottage has wooden walls and ceiling with natural clay flooring for temperature control. Now take a step to the balcony to see whats there. You guys look overwhelmed. What did you see?

Single Cottage
Specially designed wooden single cottage with a sit out that opens to a stunning panoramic surround view is sure take you, to an experience with no words and grammar.


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